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I. History
EngineeRunner was founded by Loren Pittack after graduating with a Bachlor of Science in Architectural Engineering from the University of Miami in May of 2000, which back then was a non-profit entity. While still attending the University of Miami to complete a Master of Science in the same major, the founder used the title EngineeRunner to present his coursework, master thesis, and resume on a free Yahoo GeoCities website that became a educational media domain as well. EngineeRunner was not incorporated until after the founder, now owner/ president, was licensed as a certified general contractor in Florida and the CGC license was activated. EngineeRunner, Corp. became a S Corporation on June 18, 2012.



EngineeRunner, Corp. is currently a small business with construction services as its main core and in the early stage setup for higher end custom housing design-build. Roofing, MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing), landscaping, and pool services are subcontracted out to vendors that have been thoroughly investigated on a regular basis for good ethics and professionalism as well as great customer feedback that are fully insured and licensed. In the near future, EngineeRunner will have professional structural engineering services done in-house with no vendors being used.

II. Volunteer/ Causes
EngineeRunner, Corp. also has local non-profit cause/ volunteer sessions for classic car restoration enthusiasts/ hobbyists. Started back in March of 2005, the founder acquired a 1966 Ford Mustang FASTBACK GT and started driving this vintage muscle car on a daily basis off and on over the years. After farming out the labor at the beginning, he quickly learned how expensive labor costs drain your savings, so he gradually learned little at a time how to fix and repair things on his own. Eventually, he knew how the work should be done correctly on the drive-train, suspension, and body. After feeling comfortable with engines, body work, rust, welding, etc., a 1968 Ford F250 Crew Cab 4x4 was acquired to be a mascot for the business, which is now sitting in a garage waiting its turn to be worked on. For more reading on these two classics, a dedicated page is on this website at Vintage Ford. These volunteer sessions encompass engine work, body and paint, welding, electrical wiring, tools, and high performance talk. Skills can be learned, taught and shared among enthusiasts. Call 305-975-5669 or e-mail for more details, if interested.
III. Noteworthy Quotes (wise, motivational, memorable, and witty sayings)

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