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EngineeRunner, Corp. can do any type of new construction, restoration, and renovation/ remodeling work listed below:

- Pour-in-place (PIP) concrete slab-on-grade (SOG) floors or cast-in-place (CIP) elevated slabs
- Concrete foundation footings/ grade beams/ piles
- Concrete retaining/ barrier walls and planters
- Site form-work
- Masonry and grouting - brick/ CMU (conrete masonry unit)
- Insulating concrete form (ICF) walls
- Light-frame wood construction - walls, floors, roofing systems
- Concrete flat roof decks
- Cantilevered slabs/ balconies
- Driveways and walkways (concrete, asphalt, brick, rock, stone or pavers)
- Concrete columns and beams for gates, foyers, porches, patios, or structural purposes
- Railings (aluminum, wrought iron, or stainless steel)
- Additions/ extensions
- Attic conversions
- Granite, stone, or tile work - limestone, coral rock, ceramic, etc.
- Roof gable end wood wall bracing
- Door/ glass block/ window/ skylight installation
- Hurricane protection devices... i.e. county approved impact-rated accordions, roll-downs, corrugated aluminum panels, or plywood sheathing panels per Florida Building Code
- Pre-construction phase management: estimating, construction analysis, value engineering, construction scheduling, site analysis, procurement
- Construction phase management: project management, construction scheduling, cost control, document control, quality control, project closeout, commissioning

EngineeRunner, Corp. · Miami, FL | tel.#: 305.975.5669 (direct) |
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